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Professional Car Detailing Livingston 
Machine Polishing and Ceramic Coating

We are a professional car detailing company based in Livingston offering bespoke car polishing and ceramic coating services. We bring dull or damaged car paint back to life providing it with durable protection from damage and giving it a permanent shine. The results are stunning!

We offer a professional, fully insured car detailing service (see our portfolio and reviews) at very competitive prices which are considerably less than our competitors.

We offer a SAME DAY service so that you can get your car back quickly (unlike other car detailers).

Fixed Prices for Our Car Detailing Service


How can prices be so low?

  • The focus is solely on the paint work and what benefits & protects your car long term. Time is not spent removing wheels and cleaning arches/suspension parts (a job that is thankless since it gets dirty again as soon as you drive) and we don't do interior valets. This all saves time and saves you money.

  • Our premises are no larger than required for the services offered which keeps overheads like rent and insurance down. These savings are passed onto the customers.

Car Detailing Services Offered:

Our fast, same day services include:

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating removes paint defects, bringing paint work back to 'like new' condition before applying a semi-permanent coating that bonds to the surface of the paint. 2 or 5 year coating available.

Machine Polishing

Also known as “enhancement detailing” is a 1 stage machine polish which permanently removes light swirl marks and scratches, brightens the paint and has a car wax applied. Basic Wax comes as standard, but optional upgrades are available to better quality, longer lasting products.

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