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Car Detailing Services near Edinburgh and Glasgow including: Machine Polishing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film and Valeting in West Lothian, Scotland. Call us on 01506 365059

Our prices are 35% below the local car detailing industry average!

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New Car Protection Packages - 10% off

Enhance and protect your new 24 or 74 plate car with ceramic coating and paint protection film and get 10% off.

Meet The Detailer.

Ross Arthur, Owner & Detailer. 

Over the past few years, Ross has made a name for himself in the Detailing world as one of the most highly rated detailers in Scotland – with over 300 five star reviews from genuine customers and people traveling from all over the UK to have their cars detailed by Ross.  

Today you’re more likely to find Ross wielding a Machine Polisher but you might be surprised to know Ross has been known to rock the mic at venues such as the Edinburgh Playhouse and once made it to through to the Grand Final of Edinburgh’s Got Talent.

Customer Reviews.

"I had the new car package done last week and results are totally amazing."

Verified Customer

It looks like a showroom new car

“Just had my 3 year old car machine polished and ceramic coated. Am absolutely delighted with the result. It looks like a showroom new car again” Dionne, 5 star review

Verified Customer

Better than when I picked it up

“I had the new car package done last week and results are totally amazing. My Kia sportage was only a week old but when I got it back from Ross it looked better than when I picked it up from the dealer” John, 5 star review

Verified Customer

Could not believe the transformation

“3 year old Mercedes GLC43 AMG in for machine polishing and 5 year ceramic coating. I could not believe the transformation in the car. Outstanding result and the car looks better than it did when new.” Alasdair, 5 star review

paint correction west lothian

Rewinding the clock on your car’s paintwork through Machine Polishing.

Does your car have swirl marks, light scratches, wash marring or buffer trails? 

These defects cause your vehicle’s paintwork to look dull and faded. 

Our car detailing packages are designed to rewind the clock on your car’s paintwork by removing swirl marks, light scratches and other defects through machine polishing. You can choose from a single stage of polishing to multiple polishing stages depending on the condition of the paintwork and your budget. 

Paint Protection for years to come with Ceramic Coating & PPF.

Every day your car is exposed to the environment, it risks wear & tear, UV fading, bird droppings and when it’s washed it risks swirl marks, marring, and worse. 

We have access to industry leading paint protection options. 

Ceramic Coating is the most popular option for vehicle paint protection. We offer Pyramid Car Care and Performance PPL ceramic coatings which last from 2 to 7 years. For a full guide to Ceramic Coating read our latest blog on what is ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film protects against scratches and stone chips, and includes a self healing top layer.

Taking care of your car with regular maintenance. 

The monthly maintenance subscription service is a car detailing plan that provides regular maintenance and care for your vehicle’s coatings with a monthly maintenance subscription. There are 3 tiered plans available, with the top tier including an exclusive care plan that covers machine polishing, light scratches, accidental damage, and re-application of ceramic coating. 

Your Local Car Detailer

Machine Polishing Central Scotland is one of the most highly rated car detailers in Scotland with over 300 five star reviews across Google and Facebook. Conveniently located 15 minutes from Edinburgh and 30 minutes from Glasgow.

Machine Polishing – Central Scotland, Covault Livingston East – Unit 4, Livingston EH54 5DT

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Telephone: 01506 365059.

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 18:00

Sunday: closed

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can our prices be so low? 

The focus is solely on the paint work and what benefits & protects your car long-term. Time is not spent removing wheels and cleaning arches/suspension parts (a job that is thankless since it gets dirty again as soon as you drive) and we don’t do interior valets. This all saves time and saves you money. 

Our premises are no larger than required for the services offered which keeps overheads like rent and insurance down. These savings are passed onto the customers. 

The coatings used cure enough to face the elements within hours, so there is no need to store your car inside for several days, meaning there is more time and space to work on other cars.


Do you have before and after photo’s? 

In the photo below you can see a before and after of VW headlights. They looked dull and faded, with poor visibility, but by the time they were complete they looked brand new.

Close up lights before Car Detailing Service Lights

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the ultimate way to take your car’s appearance to the next level! It’s not just about washing and cleaning the car, but rather an art that involves restoring and preserving the original beauty and shine of your vehicle.

Imagine your used car looking like it just came out of the showroom for the very first time – that’s what car detailing can do for you!

Our team of skilled car detailers meticulously clean your car, from the wheels to the paintwork, before polishing the paintwork to restore the car’s original shine and luster.

With car detailing, you don’t just get a clean car – you get a car that looks and feels brand new. The process involves using high-quality cleaning products, polishing tools, polishing compounds, ceramic coatings, paint protection film, expert techniques and our experience to choose the right combination for the best results. 

Our comprehensive detailing packages can restore your car to its former glory, leaving you with a vehicle that you can be proud to show off.

What is Ceramic Coating?

The easiest way to think of Ceramic Coating is that it’s a top coat for the surfaces of your car including paint, plastics, metal, glass and wheels.

Ceramic Coating is usually available in small 30ml-50ml bottles, which contain Silicon Dioxide or SiO2 nano particles suspended in a resin carrier. 

When applied to your vehicle surfaces, the Ceramic particles bond with the surface to create a semi-permanent crystal clear protective layer, which is chemically resistant, scratch resistant and protects against environment contamination and UV rays. 

In 2023 Ceramic Coating over took Car Wax as the most popular form of paint protection for cars in the UK, according to data from Google Trends. 

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a long lasting form of protecting your car’s paintwork but that’s not all. 

  • Ceramic coating lasts up to 7 years
  • It enhances gloss and depth, improving your vehicle’s aesthetics
  • Creates a hydrophobic finish that repels water, road traffic film, dirt and grime
  • 9-10h hardness rating – providing scratch resistance
  • Widely available to Do-It-Yourself or have it done for you with a professional
  • Makes your car easier to clean and maintain
  • Reduces the need to clean weekly since it stays cleaner for longer

How long does Ceramic Coating last?

There are 100s of different ceramic coating products available today, lasting anywhere from 6 months to crazy lifetime guarantees. 

At Machine Polishing Central Scotland we have chosen a range of products through testing and research, to ensure sensible promises are made to the life expectancy of protection products. 

For example, we have been using Pyramid Car Care ceramic coatings for over 2 years, and we can see their 2 year ceramic coating on our own cars and customer cars – and it’s performed extremely well, in some cases outlasting the 2 year promise. 

We also stock 3 year and 5 year Ceramic Coatings by Pyramid Car Care as well as a 7 year ceramic coating by Performance PPL.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Simply, Paint Protection Film or PPF is like a screen protector – for your car!

PPF is made of super tough urethane or polyurethane film and most commonly used to protect a vehicle’s paintwork. Newer films have been developed for glass, windscreens, infotainment screens and interior surfaces – giving you all round protection.

The thickness of PPF varies between manufacturers but is typically between 7 and 10 mils thick. 

For perspective, the clear coat layer of paint on a brand-new car is approximately 6-7 mils thick, and a piece of newspaper is roughly 3 mils thick. As a general rule, the thicker the PPF is, the better protection it provides.

What are the benefits of PPF?


  • Paintwork is protected by 7-10 mil thick film, which greatly reduces the risk of damage and helps you avoid costly repairs and resprays
  • Most Paint Protection Film available in the UK today has a self-healing top layer which means that scratches and swirl marks disappear. Some self healing PPF is heat activated while others self heal in ambient temperature.
  • PPF is a protective product first and foremost but new developments in PPF have introduced “fashion films” which include matte PPF, metallic PPF, chrome PPF and colour changing PPF which means you get all the protective benefits of PPF plus an exciting visual upgrade for your car.


How much does PPF cost?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the premium option when it comes to protecting your pride and joy, with good reason. 


  • Paint Protection Film is the most expensive paint protection product on the market
  • It takes years of practice to develop the skills required to install PPF
  • Due to the high costs mistakes can be costly
  • A plotter is required to pre-cut kits, these specialist pieces of technology cost thousands of pounds to buy
  • Pattern database software is required to pre-cut pattern kits for your car – this software comes with a high price tag, and is not widely available. 


That’s without mentioning insurance costs, for installing PPF on high value cars. 

Those are a few of the reasons that PPF is a premium priced paint protection option. 

A front end PPF kit installation costs £2000 at MPCS.

A front end PPF kit installation costs £4000 at MPCS.

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