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Protect your paintwork from chips, scratches, scuffs and general wear and tear with extremely durable self-healing Paint Protection Film that lasts for up to 10 years.

Protect your car, van or commercial vehicle with PPF that's made to last

Paint Protection Film (PPF) can be fitted within 2-5 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and the coverage you choose, most popular options include front-end PPF and full car PPF. 

Paint Protection Film Packages

We have 310+ 5 star reviews across Google and Facebook, we also offer interest free monthly finance plans. 

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Front Bumper PPF

Prices: From £450

Includes: front bumper

Optional extras: bonnet, wings, windscreen, doors, rear arches, roof and boot lid.
10% off

Front End PPF

Most popular option... High impact areas at the front are protected with PPF, and many customers choose Ceramic Coating for the rear end.

Promotion Price: £1620

Includes: front bumper, bonnet and wings.

Optional extras: windscreen, doors, rear arches, roof and boot lid.
10% Off

Full Car PPF

The ultimate in paintwork protection. PPF protects your precious paintwork from chips, scratches, swirl marks and more.

Promotion Price: £4320

Includes: paint protection film for all exterior paint surfaces including everything from the front end paint protection package, plus roof, doors, rear arches, boot lid, rear bumper and rear lights.
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Types of Paint Protection Film

Transparent PPF

Matte & Satin PPF

Other PPF Options Include

Matte Conversion PPF

Unlike traditional glossy PPFs, matte conversion films transform the appearance of the car’s paintwork into a sleek, satin-like finish, while providing the same level of protection against the elements, UV exposure, and minor abrasions.

Colour Change PPF

Colour Change Paint Protection Film is a dual-purpose film that not only protects the vehicle’s original paint from scratches, chips, environmental contaminants, and UV exposure but also completely alters its exterior colour.

310+ Five Star Reviews

We proud to have exceed 300 five star reviews from happy customers. Includes 124 five star reviews on Google and 186 five star reviews on Facebook

What is Paint Protection Film?

Simply, Paint Protection Film or PPF is like a screen protector – for your car!

PPF is made of super tough urethane or polyurethane film and most commonly used to protect a vehicle’s paintwork. Newer films have been developed for glass, windscreens, infotainment screens and interior surfaces – giving you all round protection.

The thickness of PPF varies between manufacturers but is typically between 7 and 10 mils thick. 

For perspective, the clear coat layer of paint on a brand-new car is approximately 6-7 mils thick, and a piece of newspaper is roughly 3 mils thick. As a general rule, the thicker the PPF is, the better protection it provides.

  • Paintwork is protected by 7-10 mil thick film, which greatly reduces the risk of damage and helps you avoid costly repairs and resprays
  • Most Paint Protection Film available in the UK today has a self-healing top layer which means that scratches and swirl marks disappear. Some self healing PPF is heat activated while others self heal in ambient temperature.
  • PPF is a protective product first and foremost but new developments in PPF have introduced “fashion films” which include matte PPF, metallic PPF, chrome PPF and colour changing PPF which means you get all the protective benefits of PPF plus an exciting visual upgrade for your car.
  • Protection against chips, scratches, key marks, swirl marks and more
  • Self healing top layer
  • 7-10 mils thick 
  • High gloss finish
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Hydrophobic 
  • Stain resistant
  • Up to 10 years durability (depending on PPF manufacturer & product)
  • Installed by trained & experienced PPF installers

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the premium option when it comes to protecting your pride and joy, with good reason. 


  • Paint Protection Film is the most expensive paint protection product on the market
  • It takes years of practice to develop the skills required to install PPF
  • Due to the high costs mistakes can be costly
  • A plotter is required to pre-cut kits, these specialist pieces of technology cost thousands of pounds to buy
  • Pattern database software is required to pre-cut pattern kits for your car – this software comes with a high price tag, and is not widely available. 


That’s without mentioning insurance costs, for installing PPF on high value cars. 

Those are a few of the reasons that PPF is a premium priced paint protection option. 

A front end PPF kit installation costs £2000 at MPCS.

A front end PPF kit installation costs £4000 at MPCS.

We recommend 2-3 days for a front end paint protection kit and 4-5 days for full car paint protection. 

These timelines can vary based on the size of the vehicle, shape and complexity. 

For an accurate quote please complete the contact form at the top of that page, or call our team on 01506 365059.

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