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Machine Polishing and Ceramic Coating

Car Detailing Services Near Edinburgh

Based in Livingston only 15 minutes drive from Edinburgh, we provide professional, fully insured car detailing services for car owners in Edinburgh who want their vehicle to look like new.  We offer bespoke car polishing and ceramic coating services at extremely competitive prices compared to local car detailing services. Our expert service can give your car a permanent shine and provide a coating that will prevent any future damage.

Reasons to choose our car detailing services? 

–  Our premium same-day service also means that you can pick your car back up from us quicker than from any other detailer across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

–  We are cheaper than Edinburgh-based car detailing companies

Premium results guaranteed.

Machine Polishing Blue Car

Car Detailing Services Offered

Our fast, same-day services include:

Blue VW ceramic coating

Machine Polishing Edinburgh

Our basic polishing service provides a light enhancement which permanently removes any swirl marks and scratches, brightens up the paint and applies a premium car wax to finish.

Ceramic Coating Edinburgh

Our ceramic coating can bring your paint work back to its original look, removing all paint defects  before applying a semi-permanent coating that bonds to the surface of the paint. Available across different timescales – 2 year or 5 year duration.

The results are stunning.

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