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The ceramic coating we use is Pyramid Car Care. Different manufacturers have varied requirements. The ceramic coating/nano particles are microscopic. In simple terms, the coating is applied to the car using a carrier liquid (the stuff you actually see in the bottle). Most coatings use a water based formula, our coating is solvent based – which dries much, much faster allowing the chemical reaction with the paint to begin almost immediately. The coating can face the elements and get wet in just a few hours after application. 

The photographs and the reviews of our service should give you some confidence – but many do ask why we can offer car detailing services at such low costs. There are quite a lot of reasons, here are a few… – We’re happy with the income made made. We don’t feel the need to charge more, we are known for fair pricing.

The focus on the paint work. We don’t remove badges or wheels or clean inside wheel arches/suspension parts (a job that is thankless since it gets dirty again as soon as you drive). So that saves time. –

We employ (when required) staff that help wash & de-contaminate cars – freeing up time to focus on detailing, allowing more cars to completed. – The coatings used cure fast and don’t need to store them inside for days- meaning lower rent rates our premises – and more work can be brought in. – we don’t do interior valets, saving us time and saving you money

No, we pay our tax and VAT collected accurately and in full. Paying with cash wouldn’t make our prices lower. We don’t handle cash at the business at all. All deposits and card payments taken by machine at our premises are processed through one system, which is then connected to accounting software. Taking payments like this saves us time and therefore, saves you money.

No. we don’t offer such deals because…
– The prices charged are already as low as can be
– Whether it is two cars from the same person or two different customers, the time put aside in the diary, the amount of products used and my overheads remain the same.

Anything fixed by the polishing process is permanent. So, providing the damage doesn’t re-occur, then the shine gained from removing swirl marks and scratches should remain indefinitely.

Yes.Plenty of photographs, but here is one example.

It is card payment only

The prices show are for all sized cars (SUVs, Estates included) – extra charges apply to campers, pick up trucks, small vans etc

If you would like to make use of our polishing service with specific damage in mind, please get in-touch with images before booking for advice.

Yes. We are insured to work on and drive cars up to a value of £100,000

No. We don’t touch the interior at all. We wash all cars booked in as part of the whole process – but we don’t take bookings to wash cars or valet.

Definitely. Paintwork on a car can deteriorate for many reasons. A machine polish can permanently remove age related damage caused by sunlight fading (uv radiation) & oxidation-  these natural occurrences happen over many years and the paint is dull as a result. Damage inflicted by poor washing/abrasion (i.e scratches & swirl marks) can often be completely removed without the need for painting. Once a machine polish has restored the paint work, you should definitely look at protecting the paint going forward with a ceramic coating

Yes! Provided they are not too deep (too deep is when the scratch has penetrated down past the top, thickest layer of paint- the clear coat). So the vast majority of age related marks, wash swirls can be permanently removed as if they were never there. Deeper scratches can sometimes be completely removed or reduced in appearance by machine polishing. 

But don’t take our word for it …

See what our customers are saying

Put my M4 in to get the full works done just to protect the paint and I thought it was already in good shape. I was amazed how it looked after and couldn’t believe how much better it looked. Would highly recommend to anyone.
simon A.
16:58 03 Oct 22
Put my M4 in to get the full works done just to protect the paint and I thought it was already in good shape. I was amazed how it looked after and couldn’t believe how much better it looked. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Simon A.
14:21 01 Oct 22
Ross absolutely smashed the paint correction and detailing out the park for us before our Porsche 993s debut at Cleanfest… the car looked outstanding….. his attention to detail was second to none….. it’s a bonus that he’s such a good guy to deal with too………..highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Colin N.
09:27 22 Sep 22
I got my lights on my Porsche cleaned as they had a yellow tinge to them. First class service and delighted with the quality of work.
Lleslley E.
12:29 09 Sep 22
Very impressed with Ross. Went for the enhance and protect package with 5 year ceramic coating. Didn't think the car could look much better but I was wrong. Very fast same day service, was very convenient.
Will be a returning customer in the future. Thanks again.
Dave G.
18:33 27 Aug 22
Just had my new car ceramic coated by Ross, didn’t think it was possible that it would look better than when I bought it but it does.

I can’t recommend Ross at Machine Polishing highly enough and very reasonably priced with the fixed rate packages.

Cheers Darren
Darren S.
19:42 15 Aug 22
Return visit today for a premium package with upgraded 5 year ceramic coating carried out on my X6. Work carried out to a very high standard as always. Ross completed work on my previous X5 and his standard of work and knowledge of detailing is great. Another happy customer. Great job as always highly recommend 👌.
John H.
19:29 15 Aug 22
Very pleased with the ceramic coating by Ross, the car is looking great. I would definitively recommend the first class service and attention to detail.
Ian F.
17:20 12 Aug 22

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