Your £95 price is lower than expected... why so cheap?

The photographs and the reviews of my service should give you some confidence- but many do ask why I can offer my services at such low costs. There are quite a lot of reasons, here are a few... - I am happy with the living I make. I don't feel the need to over charge you. - I just focus on the paint work. I don't remove badges or wheels or clean inside wheel arches/suspension parts (a job that is thankless since it gets dirty again as soon as you drive). So that saves time. - I don't employ anyone, and my premises are no larger than needed, keeping overheads down.

Do you have before/after images of your work?

Yes. I have plenty of photographs, but here is an example of what my 1 stage polish can achieve.

Do you charge more for larger cars?

Yes. Prices for larger cars can be seen at the bottom of ther description for each service. Most cars are included as standard. Large estates, or 4x4 sized vehicles are charged at £15 more... i.e a Ford Focus is £95 but a Range Rover Sport or BMW X5 is £110.

Is it cash only?

No. I can take both cash or debit/credit cards. Card payment is preferred.

How long do the results last?

Anything fixed by the polishing process is permanent. So, providing the damage doesn't re-occur, then the shine gained from removing swirl marks and scratches should remain indefinitely. As part of the polishing service, I wax the car by hand afterwards at no extra cost using Macguires Ultimate Paste Wax®. This is a high quality product and you can expect it to last for 6-8 weeks. If you upgrade to the hybrid wax-ceramic coating (£25) the superior gloss and paint protection gained should last 6 months.

Do you do full ceramic treatments?

Yes. I offer high quality ceramic coating services at very affordable prices. 2 Year Coating for only £230.

Will you be able to fix my scratch?

If you would like to use my polishing service with specific damage in mind, please get in-touch with images before booking for my advice (ross@machinepolishing.com). Some scratches are too deep to be fixed without painting, sadly- but, having said that, I am able to completely remove (or at least) take your eye off of most scratches. However, even as part of my standard £95 service, if there is a scratch that needs extra attention, I do my best to go over it a couple of extra times free of charge.

Are you insured?

Yes :)